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Tech Life of Recht » X Driven Development

 X Driven Development

  • February 28th, 2008
  • 1:41 am

There’s a lot of xDD (x Driven Development) going around, and there has been for some time. Some are somewhat official, like Test Driven Development, but there are many others. A number of them should probably just be left alone to die, some are just plain stupid, but still… You don’t want to get caught in a conversation where you suddenly can’t give you opinion on Blog Driven Development. So, here’s the unauthoritative list of methodologies sorted by name, not relevance:

Acceptance Test Driven Development – Focus on real-life test scenarios.
Accountability Driven Development – make sure someone’s always accountable. Beware not to fall into Blame Driven Development.
Annoyance Driven Development – let your annoyances guide you. Probably best on one-man projects.
Asshole Driven Development – Let the biggest asshole make all the decisions. Also known as Jerk Driven Development.
Behavior Driven Development – Like Test Driven Development, just with better language.
Blog Driven Development – Think about how to appear smart on your blog, and implement something like that.
Budget Driven Development – Each man is allocated a maximum number of lines which can be added. A little like SCRUM, just with lines of code instead of hours.
Bug Driven Development – Implement program, release, fix bugs, repeat.
Comment Driven Development – Write code comments, then implement what you’ve described. Like Test Driven Development, just without the tests.
Configuration Driven Development – Store everything in configuration files.
Data Driven Development – Start with the data and work your way up from there.
Design Driven Development – Design is art so remember to add the right people.
Development Driven Development – Concentrate on developing instead of testing.
Dialogue Driven Development – Remember to talk to the client and ask questions.
Documentation Driven Development – Write the documentation first, then the code.
Example Driven Development – Write down examples, clear them with the client, then implement.
Feature Driven Development – Focus on developing value-adding features.
Language Driven Development – Use any language you want.
Meeting Driven Development – Don’t code before having a meeting. In fact, don’t do anything without a meeting first.
Model Driven Development – Let the developers off and give the users access to visual programming.
Muffin Driven Development – Punish developers by forcing them to give muffins when they make the builds fail.
Principle Driven Development – Go for the simple solutions.
Process Driven Development – Analyze the business processes, then model the system from that.
Proof Driven Development – Build small vertical slices of an application. Like prototypes, just the other way around.
Reality Driven Development – Take a look at what’s going on in the real world and learn from it.
Requirements Driven Development – Get a hold of your requirements and make the developers work based on them.
Resume Driven Development – Look at your resume and do whatever looks good on it.
Search Driven Development – Delegate responsibility and knowledge to Google.
SKU Driven Development – Strip down your solution to a minimal core, then make addons available.
Specification Driven Development – Add formal contracts to Test Driven Development.
Squiggly Driven Development – Write some code, check if there are any compile errors. Fix them. Proceed.
Story Driven Development – Write stories about your product before writing code.
Test Driven Development – First, write some tests, then make them run.
Wiki Driven Development – Somewhat like Documentation Driven Development, just with a Wiki.

If you want to be Scrum-compliant, add Agile to any of the titles. My own contribution to the list will be “Methodology Driven Development”, which occurs when you look at the list above, and pick one or more to implement in your project.
Of course, the list is probably nowhere near complete. If I’ve left something (un)important out then just comment on it.

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Tech Life of Recht » Blog Archive » X Driven Development

  • bolestr
  • September 27th, 2016
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Tech Life of Recht » Blog Archive » X Driven Development


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Thus utilizing aquaponics trout will certainly count on your own the positioning of and also the particular local local climate. Seeing as i handled upon prior there are some sea food using own private strengths that you might easily use in aquaponics. Barramundi are usually used often by aquaponics devices but just while in the exciting months from the yr. Carp is a particularly common bass associated with part of the planet plus it is actually a decent angler for methods. Outside each one of these I would must say the top seafood to utilize with aquaponics products is usually Tilapia. These withstand many extreme conditions plus they develop at an alarmingly good rate. Ultimately, the machine plus the collection of salmon is about you. The many outlined fish herein works which has an aquaponics method, aquaponics trout or other individuals just like Tilapia, the option is about you.


I am continuously searching online for tips that can facilitate me. Thx!


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