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Tech Life of Recht » Best feature ever in Eclipse 3.5

 Best feature ever in Eclipse 3.5

  • September 26th, 2009
  • 10:46 am

I recently decided to switch from regular Eclipse to the SpringSource Tool Suite, as we do quite a lot of Spring projects, and not having auto-completion in the XML files is kinda stupid. This also meant upgrading from Eclipse 3.4 to 3.5, and this is where I accidentally ran into the best feature addition ever – or more appropriately, the best usability fix ever, although I don’t actually know if this is just a feature of the STS. In that case, there’s another argument for using it.
The problem in the older versions was that if you had a number of tabs open, you could switch between them using the more or less standardized Ctrl+PageUp/Down, which was nice. However, if one of the tabs contained so-called minitabs, like XML documents or Properties files do, you’d be stuck in these tabs, and Ctrl+PageUp/Down would switch between the minitabs, which was with quite an amount of certainty not what you wanted. This has now changed, so Ctrl+PageUp/Down only changes between the top-level tabs.

The gain in productivity is almost infinite…

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