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Tech Life of Recht » Building an STS with Metro

 Building an STS with Metro

  • January 4th, 2010
  • 10:25 pm

One of my recent tasks has been to see if it was possible to implement an OIO-Trust-compliant STS using the Metro stack from Sun. Metro contains WSIT, which has a number of classes for building an STS, so it’s not that hard. However, large portions of the code is quite undocumented, so I decided to write some of my findings down, hence this post (which is probably only interesing to a very few people).

First of all, OIO-Trust is a Danish WS-Trust profile, which basically says how Issue requests should look. The basic premise is that in order to invoke a SOAP service, you need a token. The STS issues the token based on some criteria using the WS-Trust protocol on top of SOAP.
In OIO-Trust, the Issue request must be signed, and it must contain a so-called bootstrap token. The bootstrap token is a SAML 2.0 assertion. Furthermore, the request must contain the X509 certificate which is used to sign the message. The token requested in the Issue request is a PublicKey (that is, asymmetric) of type SAML 2.0. So, the input is a SAML 2.0 assertion, and the output is also a SAML 2.0 token. More specifically, the output is a holder-of-key token, which has the requestors X509 certificate in the SubjectConfirmationData. The assertion is signed by the STS, and contains by default all the attributes from the input assertion.

In order to create an STS using Metro, you need to

  • Configure the Metro servlet in web.xml
  • Implement a simple STS endpoint class
  • Create a WSDL and a security policy
  • Create a number of services for handling attributes, configuration, etc

Configuring web.xml
This assumes that you’re using a simple servlet container. If the container supports JAX-WS, it shouldn’t be necessary.
When using Metro, all requests go through the same servlet, the WSServlet. The exact endpoint implementation used is then configured in another file, WEB-INF/sun-jaxws.xml. Therefore, simply add the following to web.xml:



This maps all requests to /services to Metro.

Implement the STS endpoint
Implementing the endpoint is quite simple, as it’s simply a question of extending a Metro class and injecting a resource. Here is a basic implementation:
import javax.annotation.Resource;
import javax.xml.transform.Source;


public class TokenService extends BaseSTSImpl implements Provider{
protected WebServiceContext context;

protected MessageContext getMessageContext() {
MessageContext msgCtx = context.getMessageContext();
return msgCtx;


No changes should be necessary, as the BaseSTSImpl class will handle all WS-Trust communication. What you need to do is to configure the base class according to the local requirements. More on that a little later.

In order to wire the STS endpoint into Metro, you need to create a WEB-INF/sun-jaxws.xml file. The file should contain something like this:



This binds the TokenService implementation to the url /services/sts using SOAP 1.1 (specified by the binding attribute).

Creating the WSDL and policy file
This is by far the hardest part of creating an STS for Metro. The WSDL should be pretty standard, and the same file can be used for all implementations. However, the WSDL file must also contain a security policy, as defined by WS-SecurityPolicy, and writing the policy can be pretty complicated. Netbeans has some support for writing policies, but I prefer to do it by hand because then you’re sure what you’ll get (once you understand WS-SecurityPolicy, that is).

The WSDL file tends to get somewhat large, so I won’t include it here – instead, you can download it if you want to see it. Basically, the WSDL is split into two parts: The regular WSDL stuff with types, messages, porttypes, bindings, and services, and the WS-SecurityPolicy stuff. Normally, the policy consists of 3 parts: The service policy which defined which tokens should be used, and how the security header layout should be, a policy which defines signature and encryption requirements for the request, and a policy for the response. These parts are then wired into the normal WSDL using PolicyReference elements.
In the example file, the service policy defines that we’re using an asymmetric binding (that is, the tokens should be different in the request and response – for example when using public/private keys). The policy also says something about the layout, and that the security header must contain a timestamp. Finally, it also enabled WS-Addressing.

Because this is an STS, the WSDL also contains a third part, namely static configuration of the STS. This includes configuring which certificates to use, how to validate incoming requests, and how tokens should be created.

Basically, this finishes the configuration of a very basic STS. However, there are some aspects which probably require some adjustments.

Checking if the requesting entity is allowed to access the requested service
When a client requests a new token, it includes a reference to the service in the AppliesTo element. Sometimes, there might be restrictions on who can access what. The Metro STS can check if the client is allowed to access a service by implementing the interface. The interface has one method, isAuthorized(subject, appliesTo, tokenType, keyType), which returns true or false:
package dk.itst.oiosaml.sts;


public class AutorizationProvider implements STSAuthorizationProvider {

public boolean isAuthorized(Subject subject, String appliesTo, String tokenType, String keyType) {
return true;

Metro uses the standard JDK service mechanism to discover implementations of this interface. That means that you should create the file /META-INF/services/ under your source directory and populate the file with the fully qualified classname of the implementation – in this example, create /META-INF/services/ with the contents dk.itst.oiosaml.sts.AuthorizationProvider.

Speficying attributes
Normally, you probably want to be able to configure the contents of the generated assertion, at the very least the attributes used, as well as the NameID of the subject. This is also done using a service implementation, this time using the interface.

The STSAttributeProvider interface has one method, getClaimedAttributes(subject, appliesTo, tokenType, claims), which returns a map of all the attributes and their values.

The subject contains information about the requesting client, in our example identified by a X509 certificate. The claims object contains any claims included in the request. It also holds any tokens included in OnBehalfOf or ActAs. These tokens are placed in claims.getSupportingProperties(), where they can be read as Subject objects. Here’s an example on reading an assertion, which has been included in ActAs:
private Assertion getSubject(Claims claims) {
Subject subject = null;
for (Object prop : claims.getSupportingProperties()) {
if (prop instanceof Subject) {
subject = (Subject) prop;
if (subject != null) {
Set creds = subject.getPublicCredentials(Element.class);
if (!creds.isEmpty()) {
Element assertion = creds.iterator().next();
try {
Assertion saml = SAMLAssertionFactory.newInstance(SAMLAssertionFactory.SAML2_0).createAssertion(assertion);
return saml;
} catch (Exception e) {
return null;

The attribute provider can then be implemented – here’s an example where the attributes from the ActAs assertion are simply copied to the resulting assertion:
public Map> getClaimedAttributes(Subject subject, String appliesTo, String tokenType, Claims claims) {
Map> res = new HashMap>();
Assertion assertion = getSubject(claims);
if (assertion != null) {
AttributeStatement attrs = getAttributes(assertion);
for (Attribute attr : attrs.getAttributes()) {
List values = new ArrayList();
for (Object val : attr.getAttributes()) {
res.put(new QName(attr.getName()), values);

res.put(new QName(assertion.getSubject().getNameId().getNameQualifier(),
return res;

Notice the last statement, where the NameID is added. The Metro STS will check if an attribute with the name STSAttributeProvider.NAME_IDENTIFIER is present, and in that case use that as the NameID of the subject in the generated assertion.

Handling configuration
The Metro STS must be know all services for which it can issue tokens. These services can either be configured statically in the WSDL file, or they can be provided programmatically. The static configuration is probably only interesting when developing, in a production environment, you probably want to build a nice admin console where services can be added and removed at runtime.

Static configuration takes place in the STSConfiguration element in the WSDL file. It can contain a ServiceProviders tag, which can then contain a number of ServiceProvider tags. Each ServiceProvider must be configured with an endpoint (the AppliesTo value), a certificate, and a token type:





The static configuration also contains information about the STS’ own id (the Issuer element), as well as the lifetime of issued tokens. The CertAlias value of a ServiceProvider must point to an alias in the trust store.

Programmatic configuration
Controlling configuration programmatically is a question of providing a service implementation of This interface has a single method, getSTSConfiguration(), which returns a configuration object – either your own implementation or an instanceof DefaultSTSConfiguration.

That more or less concludes my findings for now. There are a number of details I haven’t covered here, but I’ll wait with that until another time.

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Tech Life of Recht » Blog Archive » Building an STS with Metro


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