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GWT XDoclet

  • September 9th, 2006
  • 12:56 am

Having used Google Web Toolkit to build an application, I found out that I had to write a good portion of code, which might as well be generated automatically. I then decided to mess around with XDoclet a little to see if it was possible to make a new module. It was, and now you can use it too.




0.5: Added support for @gwt.typeArgs in service methods.

0.4: Added support for setting ServiceFactory prefix (set prefix attribute in servicefactory tag in build.xml), and @gwt.script in EntryPoint classes. See this post for more information.

0.3: Added support for file upload, added @gwt.inherits tag instead of inherits parameter in @gwt.module. This means that it’s possible to inherit from multiple modules.


Basically, it can generate service interfaces, async services interface, module definitions (.xml.gwt), and a basic web.xml file. Finally, it can create a service factory for creating new Async-objects.

Service interfaces
When creating a remote service, just annotate the class like this:
package dk.contix.gwt.service;

* @gwt.interface service=”dk.contix.gwt.shared.RemoteService” path=”/remoteService”
public class RemoteServiceImpl implements RemoteService {

* @gwt.serviceMethod
public String getStuff(String what) {
// code here

This will create the interface dk.contix.gwt.shared.RemoteService containing all methods which are annotated with @gwt.serviceMethod. It will also generate the async interface in dk.contix.gwt.shared.RemoteServiceAsync

To generate module definitions (.gwt.xml files), annotate the EntryPoint classes, like this:
package dk.contix.gwt.client;

* @gwt.module package=”dk.contix.gwt” include=”client,shared”
public class Client implements EntryPint {
// code here

This will generate a file in dk/contix/gwt calles Client.gwt.xml. The file will contain the entry-point declaration, all remote servlets, and additional source paths (those specified in the include parameter).

If a service factory is generated, a class with static methods for creating instances of the Async interfaces will be created. The factory class will automatically detect url prefixes (if the application is deployed in another context than ROOT).

Generating the files
Create a build.xml file for Ant, if you don’t already have one. Include the following target:



Finally, place xdoclet-gwt-module-0.2.jar in lib/ so that it becomes a part of the classpath. xdoclet-*.jar and xjavadoc-*.jar is also required. They can be downloaded from

When a new remote service is created, there’s no interface to implement. I work around this simply by annotating the service implementation, generating the code, and then adding the implements declaration.

If a module inherits another, this can be specified too, like this:
* @gwt.inherits name=”dk.contix.gwt.BaseModule”
* @gwt.inherits name=””
public class Module implements EntryPoint {


File Uploads
The XDoclet module supports code generation for file upload support. The generated code includes a factory class for FormPanels, GWT module xml configuration and web.xml configuration. To use, add one or more @gwt.upload annotations to client classes which need upload capabilities:

package dk.contix.gwt.client;

* @gwt.upload path=”/upload” servlet=”dk.contix.gwt.service.FileUpload”
* @gwt.upload path=”/jpegUpload” servlet=”dk.contix.gwt.service.FileUpload”
public class UploadPanel extends Composite {
public UploadPanel() {
VerticalPanel p = new VerticalPanel();
final FormPanel fp1 = UploadFactory.createUpload();

final FormPanel fp2 = UploadFactory.createJpegUpload();


To generate the factory, a line needs to be added to the ant build target in the gwtdoclet tag:


The upload servlet isn’t generated, so you need to implement it yourself. Search for implementations in the GWT group.

Add @gwt.typeArgs to service methods to tell the GWT compiler which types are contained in a collection:

* @gwt.serviceMethod
* @gwt.typeArgs dk.contix.Test
public List getObjects() {
return new ArrayList();

Don’t include <> in the annotation as you would do when using GWT directly.

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